Prisma FairPlay

PrismaLife term life insurance, which adapts to your life. Prisma FairPlay is a term life insurance with powerful add-on options. It offers simple and cost-effective cover for your surviving depen­dants. In addition to manageable premiums, you can make practical changes for a low fee as your life situation changes, for example on the birth of children or if your income rises. Prisma FairPlay offers immediate protection for your surviving depen­dants with an insured sum of up to €150,000.

Your advan­tages

  • Powerful cover
    • Insured sum of between €25,000 and €150,000
    • Global cover – occupa­tional and personal
    • You are immedi­ately insured with us from the receipt of the appli­cation
  • Flexible changes
    • With our reward scheme, your cover increases by 10% for free if you have an annual health check
    • Cover increases by 20% free of charge in the first 6 months after the birth of child
    • Increase and policy extension without under­going another health check
  • Individual premium
    • Low initial premium, tailored to your individual risks. If the sum insured stays the same, your premium increases in small, trans­parent steps.
    • Classi­fi­cation for non-smokers, smokers and occasional smokers
  • Accel­erated death benefit
    • In the event of diagnosis with a serious fatal illness
    • Your surviving depen­dants receive an immediate benefit of 10% in the event of death – quickly and without red tape
Prisma MultiSafe

You are looking for reliable all-round protection? Prisma MultiSafe protects with a policy covering six of the biggest life risks. That saves time and money.

Prisma Moments

PrismaLife critical illness insurance protects your family and affords you precious moments – even after the diagnosis.

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