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Legal inform­ation

1. Content and access

PrismaLife AG has prepared the content of its websites to the best of its knowledge and carefully compiled the content. The inform­ation is constantly checked and updated. The inform­ation published on the PrismaLife website does not constitute a recom­mend­ation, an offer or a solicit­ation to buy or sell insurance policies or investment instru­ments, to enter into trans­ac­tions or to conclude any other legal trans­action.

PrismaLife AG reserves the right to alter, add to or delete the inform­ation on its website at any time and without prior notice. PrismaLife AG has the right to block access to these pages or parts of its system and to partially or fully restrict use at any time.

2. Disclaimer of liability

PrismaLife AG excludes without limit­ation any liability for loss or damage of any kind – whether for direct, indirect or consequential damages – that may arise from use of (e.g. downloaded documents) or accessing the PrismaLife website or from links to third-party websites. In addition, PrismaLife AG disclaims all liability for manip­u­lation of the Internet user’s computer system. PrismaLife AG expressly points out the danger of viruses and the possib­ility of targeted hacking attacks. For the purpose of combating viruses, the use of current browser versions and the install­ation of continu­ously updated anti-virus software is recom­mended.

3. Disclaimer of warranty

The inform­ation on the PrismaLife website is of a general nature. It does not constitute legal, medical and/or tax advice to the visitor in individual cases. PrismaLife AG does not guarantee that the inform­ation is up-to-date, accurate or complete. Neither can it be guaranteed that the published inform­ation always takes into account the latest science, legis­lation and case law.

4. Copyright

All elements of the PrismaLife AG website are protected by copyright (all rights are reserved) and belong exclus­ively to PrismaLife AG. Visiting, duplic­ating, storing and processing content (text, image, graphic, sound, video or animation files) of the website in full or in part is only permitted for private use. If elements are repro­duced in full or in part in any form – electron­ically or in writing – PrismaLife AG’s express consent is necessary.

Copyright inform­ation, brand names and other legally protected descrip­tions must not be changed or removed. The repro­duction or use in full or in part for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without PrismaLife AG’s prior written consent. Copyrights of third parties are reserved.

5. Trade­marks and logos

The trade­marks and logos used on the PrismaLife website are protected by copyright. In accordance with copyright law, the product names mentioned on the PrismaLife website are also protected by trademark. It is not permitted to use these trade­marks without PrismaLife AG’s prior written consent. Each breach will be prosecuted by the trademark owner.

6. Links

PrismaLife AG’s website may link to websites of third parties. This is done only as service for visitors to PrismaLife’s website. Insofar as additional inform­ation is made accessible by linking to other servers or websites, PrismaLife AG points out that it does not check the content and that any liability for the content or present­ation of these websites is excluded (see also section 2). A link does not mean that PrismaLife AG recom­mends the website or the products shown there or shares the recom­mend­a­tions made there.

7. Setting up links

Setting up a link to PrismaLife AG’s websites is only permitted with PrismaLife AG’s written consent, if the link points to the home page www​.prismalife​.com (no deep links) and if none of PrismaLife AG’s rights are infringed, partic­u­larly copyright, ancillary copyright or trademark rights.