Key Investor Inform­ation Document

The European Union’s PRIIPs Regulation for “packaged retail and insurance‐based investment products” (PRIIPs), which has been in force since 1 January 2018, means you as a customer or prospective customer of an insurance company receive a stand­ardised key inform­ation document.
The content and design of the key inform­ation document are predefined. In addition to inform­ation on the product type and provider, they also contain inform­ation on the investment objective, target market, insurance benefits, all costs and the risks of the product. In addition, we also explain what benefits you would receive in various scenarios.

Individual calcu­la­tions are not included. In order to enable you to compare different offers, all insurers uniformly calculate what benefits you as a customer can expect with an investment of €1,000 p.a. (or with a one‐off investment of €10,000) over a certain period of time depending on the scenario.

You can choose from a large range of investment funds and investment strategies at PrismaLife. For each fund selected, you receive “Key Investor Inform­ation” showing the risk and return profile of your individual investment. This “Key Investor Inform­ation” is also available on this website – in the “KIID” column of the Morning Fund Quickrank tool.
Our key inform­ation documents are sorted by product and premium payment method type. From the terms specified – 12, 20, 30 and 40 years – please select the term applicable to your situation or the next higher term.

All PrismaLife’s other products are term life insurance policies or occupa­tional pension products. They do not count as PRIIPs within the meaning of the EU regulation, therefore they do not have key inform­ation documents.

Please select a country for the key inform­ation document: