Environment, Social, Gover­nance at PrismaLife

Our corporate respon­si­bility

Awareness of sustain­ability must be raised on our own doorstep. That is why corporate respon­si­bility applies to many areas for us: from sustainable investment products and the use of resources to an appreciation-based leadership and commitment to the community. The commitment to the community of PrismaLife is supported by the employees and their ideas. In the meantime, numerous projects have emerged out of the initial impulses of the team of employees.

Crucial to what we do: our team and our location

From Liecht­en­stein for Liecht­en­stein:

PrismaLife is committed to the country of Liecht­en­stein. By donating to regional insti­tu­tions, the company would like to share some of its success with the people of Liecht­en­stein. Additional activ­ities, among other things, for young people are planned.

How do we operate: together, consciously and with spirit

PrismaLife is made up of committed and highly qualified employees who have been with the company for a long time. To achieve this, we maintain a value-based approach to leadership that focuses on people. The team of PrismaLife operates together, consciously and with spirit

Corporate social respon­si­bility: We operate together, consciously and with spirit

In 2018, PrismaLife therefore drew up a set of values in an intensive discussion and devel­opment process that focuses on conscious inter­action with one another, with customers and with resources. The devel­opment process initiated by the Executive Board was and is supported by the commitment of the employees. PrismaLife employees and execu­tives operate "together, consciously and with spirit" in accor­dance with the internal code of conduct and integrity. In late November 2019, PrismaLife was recog­nized as a "family-friendly company" by the government of Liecht­en­stein. In the category "mid-sized and large companies" of the "Great Place to Work" survey, PrismaLife convinced with its human resources policy and the very good work-life balance.

Further infor­mation on equal treatment of the genders, employment condi­tions, occupa­tional health and safety, gover­nance and corporate social respon­si­bility can be found in our sustain­ability report (PDF, German version).

Environment and climate: mindful in everyday life

The sustain­ability strategy of PrismaLife also involves steering and, where possible, optimising the consumption of resources and the climate-related footprint from the operating activ­ities of the company. Main influ­encing factors are hereby energy consumption and the associated climate-relevant emissions, especially from business travel and commuting between home and work, as well as office opera­tions. In addition, we observe topics such as the use of paper, waste and recycling, as well as water consumption in the company.

The analysis of the main factors relevant to the carbon emissions from opera­tions shows that the direct carbon emissions of PrismaLife in 2019 were 51.1 tonnes. The basic principle applies: reduction and innovation take prece­dence over compen­sation. Compen­sation is only reasonable where there is no savings option and where no process improve­ments are possible.

PrismaLife aims to reduce direct carbon emissions from business opera­tions (scope 1 and 2) to 40 tonnes by 2025 and to 30 tonnes by 2030. At the same time, as of 2020, the remaining carbon emissions will be offset by supporting suitable projects, so that PrismaLife will already be operating climate neutrally as of 2020.

Sustain­ability strategy

The focus on sustain­ability is a central pillar of PrismaLife –
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Sustainable investing

PrismaLife stands for sustain­ability in wealth accumu­lation for its customers and in managing its own assets - more on "sustainable investing"