Fund infor­mation

A brief description of the investment oppor­tu­nities in the PrismaLife AG investment universe is available here.

These are valid for contract numbers beginning with FIPD, FID or FIA and for those inter­ested in private pension provision.

If your contract number begins with a different letter combi­nation, or if you are inter­ested in a company pension plan, please click here.

Key infor­mation document

Further infor­mation, for example on the investment objective, the target market and the insurance benefits, can be found in the Key infor­mation document.

Morningstar Fund Quickrank

Use our conve­nient tool to profes­sionally select your personal investment favourites. Put together the portfolio you want from one of the largest investment universes in the German insurance market – including Morningstar ratings, key investor infor­mation documents (KIID) and fund factsheets.

Unfor­tu­nately, due to a technical failure, we can temporarily provide you with the Morningstar Fund Quickrank only without sustain­ability ratings. However, those ESG ratings continue to be included in the Fund infor­mation.

Please find Fund Quickrankhere.

PrismaLife Exclusive Strategy Portfolios

We offer our customers the appro­priate strategy for their investment:

Low risk: i.e. moderate price and exchange-rate risks, combined with good return oppor­tu­nities; low equity component
Increased risk: i.e. high price and exchange-rate risks combined with increased return oppor­tu­nities; high equity component
Current interest rates

An overview of the current returns is available below:

Current perfor­mance rate p.a.
plus allocation to trust fund
Sicherungsver­mögen 0.9 1) 0.90% 0.00%
Sonderver­mögen Taggeld 0.25% 0.00%
  • Sicherungsver­mögen 0.9 cannot be freely selected and are currently only used in the GarantieRenteclassic, GarantieRenteinvest and Managed for Life concepts. For details on the use of the Sicherungsver­mögen 0.9, please refer to the relevant terms and condi­tions of the respective concept.
Fund changes

PrismaLife customers can find all fund changes, such as new admis­sions, ISIN changes, funds removed from the selection, suspen­sions and name changes, in the following overview.

Date Fund name ISIN Factsheet
June 2019 Amundi Funds — US Pioneer Fund C EUR (C) LU1883872688
May 2019 Warburg Global ETFs-Strategie Aktiv DE000A2H89E6
Date Fund name ISIN old ISIN new
May 2019 There are no current changes yet.
Date Fund name ISIN
June 2019 Amundi Funds II — U.S. Pioneer Fund C EUR ND LU0133646058
June 2019 Amundi Funds II — European Equity Value A ND LU0313647520
June 2019 Amundi Funds II — Pioneer U.S. Dollar Aggregate Bond A ND LU0229391221
June 2019 Amundi Funds II — Global Ecology E EUR ND LU0279965668
May 2019 Amundi Funds II — Emerging Markets Equity A EUR ND LU0119365988
Date Fund name ISIN
May 2019 There are no current changes yet.
Date Fund name old Fund name new ISIN
July 2019 BlackRock Global Funds — Global Oppor­tu­nities Fund E2 USD BlackRock Global Funds — Global Long-Horizon Equity Fund E2 USD EUR LU0171285587