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Prisma Direk­tver­sicherung Bertrandt

Sustainability-related disclosure

1. Summary

Ecological or social features are adver­tised with this product, as sustainable investment options can be selected in the savings phase. In the pension phase, the protection assets of PrismaLife AG are also adver­tised with ecological and social features (link Sustainability-related disclosure on the security and special assets). Detailed infor­mation on the ecological or social features of the selec­table funds and on the protection assets can be accessed via the download links in the fund infor­mation.

2. No sustainable investment objective

This financial product adver­tises environ­mental or social features, but does not aim at sustainable invest­ments.

3. Environ­mental or social charac­ter­istics of the financial product

This product offers a varying share in the free fund investment during the accumu­lation phase depending on your chosen guarantee level. Our range of funds includes funds that aim for sustainable invest­ments (EU SFDR Art. 9), funds that promote environ­mental or social features (EU SFDR Art. 8) and funds that do not pursue an explicit sustain­ability strategy. The current selection can be found in the document "Fund Infor­mation".
For the portion of your investment that cannot be freely selected and during the pension phase, the funds are invested in PrismaLife's protection assets. The protection assets promote ecological or social features. Details on this can be found on our homepage in the sustainability-related disclo­sures on the protection and special assets of PrismaLife AG (Link).
Detailed infor­mation on the environ­mental or social charac­ter­istics of the eligible funds can be found for funds pursuant to Art. 8 and 9 EU SFDR in the pre-contractual ESG infor­mation prepared by the respective capital management companies. For all other funds, you will find infor­mation on dealing with sustain­ability risks in the fund prospec­tuses. Both documents can be accessed via download links in the fund infor­mation.

4. Investment strategy

You are free to determine part of your investment strategy during the savings phase by choosing the funds that suit you from our range of funds. You can choose from investment funds that pursue sustainable investment strategies and those that do not include sustain­ability aspects in their investment strategy.
Examples of criteria that funds may include in their investment decision are the following topics:

  • Environ­mental: conser­vation of wildlife, protection of natural resources, the atmos­phere and coastal waters, mitigation of land degra­dation and climate change, avoidance of encroachment on ecosystems and loss of biodi­versity
  • Social: universal human rights, prohi­bition of child labour and forced labour, mandatory non-discrimination, health and safety at work, fair working condi­tions and adequate pay
  • Good corporate gover­nance: corporate principles of the Inter­na­tional Corporate Gover­nance Network, anti-corruption principles
5. Allocation of invest­ments

The allocation of invest­ments depends on your fund selection.

6. Monitoring of environ­mental or social charac­ter­istics

We contin­u­ously monitor the quality of our fund range, including reviewing aspects of sustain­ability. For this purpose, we use external data providers (currently Morningstar and MSCI ESG Research).

7. Methods for environ­mental or social charac­ter­istics

The infor­mation on the sustain­ability of the funds published by the capital management companies (KVGs) within the framework of the European ESG Template (EET) is checked for plausi­bility by our specialists. In the event of findings, we establish a dialogue with the respon­sible KVGs. In addition, we regularly compare the infor­mation from the EET with the assess­ments of external data providers and make all necessary infor­mation available to our clients.

8. Data sources and processing

PrismaLife obtains data from recog­nised external data providers special­ising in fund data and sustain­ability analyses (currently Morningstar and MSCI ESG Research). The fund data is integrated into our systems and can thus be made available to customers on a regularly updated basis.

9. Limitation regarding methods and data

Due to the update intervals in our systems, it is possible that data may not corre­spond to the daily updated status. Daily updated data can be obtained via the Morningstar Quickrank on our homepage.

10. Due diligence oblig­a­tions

PrismaLife takes into account the most signif­icant adverse effects of investment decisions on sustain­ability factors in the areas of the environment, social affairs and employment, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery in order to maintain due diligence in the invest­ments of the security assets. Special consid­er­ation is given to green­house gas emissions in the area of the environment and to viola­tions of UNGC principles and involvement in contro­versial weapons in the area of social affairs and employment. These topics are anchored in the defined exclusion criteria and are regularly monitored.
This ensures that invest­ments are not made in companies and/or financial instru­ments with partic­u­larly high adverse impacts on sustain­ability factors. If an increase in adverse impacts is identified in existing invest­ments, it is examined whether the affected positions can be reduced.

11. Partic­i­pation policy

PrismaLife currently does not hold any direct equity invest­ments and can therefore not actively exercise any voting rights in the sense of an ESG commitment. In addition, in view of the compar­a­tively small cover pool, PrismaLife has hardly any oppor­tu­nities to influence ESG aspects by actively exercising voting rights.

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