Prisma Moments

Critical illness protection, protecting your family, being able to experience precious moments – even after the diagnosis – are the aims of our critical illness insurance.
We compensate you for a possible loss of income by paying out your agreed insured sum. You can use it to pay for therapies, specialists and rehabil­i­tation that your health insurance does not cover. And now being able to afford to have your children looked after by a child minder or babysitter during your exami­na­tions and treatment means one less thing on your mind.
Experi­enced specialists are available to answer your questions regarding critical illness and support you through medical-occupational rehabil­i­tation management.

Your advan­tages

  • Free cover for your children
  • Cover for 46 critical illnesses, e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer, advanced liver disease and depen­dence on a carer
  • Lifelong protection possible
  • Insured sum of up to €3 million
  • Death benefits of between 2% and 100% of the insured sum can be selected for critical illnesses
  • Clearly defined condi­tions and compre­hen­sible wording

Prisma Moments: Two protection examples

A father born on 1 March 1988 pays €47.61 a month. In the event of a critical illness before the age of 65 he will receive a one-off payment of €100,000. In the event of his death, his surviving depen­dants receive cover of €100,000. The children are additionally insured free of charge up to the age of 18 in the amount of €35,000.

A woman born on 1 March 1991 pays €157 per month in order to receive a high one-off payment of €250,000 in the event of a critical illness to pay off the mortgage on her home and to be able to maintain her standard of living. Because she is single and does not have children, she chooses the minimum death cover of €5,000, but wants lifelong protection, irrespective of how old she is.

Prisma MultiSafe

You are looking for reliable all-round protection? Prisma MultiSafe protects with a policy covering six of the biggest life risks. That saves time and money.

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