Customer infor­mation on the Corona crisis

Against the backdrop of the corona crisis, we are constantly being asked about the options available at PrismaLife AG regarding insurance and pensions contracts.
Here is a short overview:

  • Service readiness:
    Fortu­nately, we can continue to fully maintain the service our customers are accus­tomed to. All enquiries or requests will be answered or imple­mented as quickly as possible. Our service team will be happy to answer questions by email: info@​prismalife.​com
  • Security:
    Contracts with guarantee elements are secured by the so-called actuarial reserve of PrismaLife AG. These guarantees are of course still valid. We also offer guarantee funds and other invest­ments with a high degree of security.
  • Contract value:
    We recommend that you keep an eye on your long-term goals for pension provision and asset accumu­lation. Anyone who has invested in a global equity mix in any 15-year period over the past decades and simply waited has never made a loss. This has been the case even if there were at times signif­icant movements on the stock markets, and this may also be the case in the future.
    You can view the current status of your contract value at any time in the customer portal:‑2/
  • Periodic premium payment:
    Long-term savings plans are mainly based on the so-called cost average effect. This means that if savings rates remain constant, fewer fund units are acquired in times of high prices, and corre­spond­ingly more at lower prices. The latter then also offer the higher price potential. With your deposits, you therefore take advantage of the favourable entry prices when prices fall.
    If you wish to suspend savings contri­bu­tions during the corona crisis, we offer premium breaks. In comparison to premium waivers, premium breaks are the more flexible instrument: you retain your insurance cover and can resume premium payment later without risk assessment.
  • Additional payments:
    Many of our customers have taken advantage of the low rates for single premiums or additional payments. But even in times when stock markets have recovered, additional payments are an attractive instrument that can be used to signif­i­cantly improve your retirement provision. In some tariffs, you benefit additionally because these tariffs charge reduced costs for additional payments.
  • Flexi­bility:
    With your PrismaLife contract you have access to more than 150 different funds, ETFs and investment strategies. If the current situation on the financial markets seems too uncertain to you, simply shift your contract value into invest­ments with low volatility after consulting your broker. With most of our tariffs this is possible twelve times a year free of charge. You can find the investment options available in your customer portal and at
  • Sustain­ability:
    Many of our customers are as concerned as we are about the sustain­ability of their invest­ments. If you are consid­ering a change in your investment strategy, you will find alter­na­tives with us that take environ­mental, social and good corporate gover­nance issues into account.

If you have any questions on any of the above topics, your broker will be happy to assist you.