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What is a complaint

A complaint is a statement of dissat­is­faction made by a person to an insurance under­taking in relation to an insurance contract or the service used by that person. The handling of complaints is to be distin­guished from the handling of claims for compen­sation and from simple requests for contract perfor­mance, infor­mation or clari­fi­cation.

Who can file a complaint

The policy­holder, the insured person, the benefi­ciary and/or the entitled person.

How to lodge a complaint with PrismaLife

The written complaint can be sent to one of the following addresses:

Email: reclami@​prismalife.​com

By mail: PrismaLife AG, Indus­tri­ering 40, 9491 Ruggell, Liecht­en­stein

Reserved area “myPris­maLife”

The complaint must contain the detailed description of the facts on which the complaint is based, the policy number and any useful infor­mation to identify the policyholder/insured person (first and last name, tax number, contact details).

Who is respon­sible for handling complaints?

The department Sales Admin & Controlling is respon­sible for handling complaints.

The company acknowl­edges the receipt of the complaint in writing within ten working days if it is not possible to reply within this period of time. The letter of acknowl­edgement informs the complainant of:

(i) the type of infor­mation that the complainant must disclose;

(ii) the identity and contact details of the body respon­sible for the complaint;

(iii) the procedure for dealing with the complaint, including the timescale for dealing with it. The Company under­takes to resolve the complaint as soon as possible and in any event within 45 days after having received the complaint.

Complaints about the conduct of the insurance inter­me­diary

Complaints relating exclu­sively to the conduct of the insurance inter­me­diary shall be handled directly by the inter­me­diary and shall be addressed to the inter­me­diary. Should the complaint be received by the company, it will be forwarded to the inter­me­diary immedi­ately and at the same time the customer will be informed accord­ingly.

Complaints relating to the conduct of the Company and the Inter­me­diary will be dealt with separately by the Company and the Inter­me­diary, each within their juris­diction, and will be responded to within 45 days after receiving the complaint.

Complaints to the super­visory author­ities

In case the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or if there is no response within the time limit, they can contact the following address:

    • To the IVASS (Istituto per la vigilanza sulle assicu­razioni)

By mail: IVASS, Servizio Tutela del Consumatore - via del Quirinale, 21 - 00187 Roma; email: tutela.​consumatore@​pec.​ivass.​it; fax: 06.42133206.

To do so, fill out the complaint form available at:

The complaint must state:

    1. name, surname, postal address of the complainant, if applicable with telephone number, email address and PEC
    2. indication of the insurance under­taking;
    3. clear and concise description of the reason for appeal;
    4. copy of the complaint filed with the insurance company and any feedback from the same;
    5. copies of all documents useful to fully describe the respective circum­stances;
    6. date and signature.
    • To the FMA (Financial Market Authority Liecht­en­stein)

By mail: FMA - Financial Market Authority Liecht­en­stein, Landstrasse 109, P.O. Box 279, 9490 Vaduz, Liecht­en­stein or by email: info@​fma-​li.​li

The complaint must contain the following infor­mation:

    1. first and last name, contact details (address, telephone number, email address) of the complainant;
    2. company name, address of the insurance company and type of relationship (customer, prospective customer, etc.);
    3. reason for the complaint and description of the facts;
    4. copy of any supporting documents (corre­spon­dence, account and deposit state­ments, contracts, investor profile, product infor­mation, adver­tising material, etc.);
    5. date and signature.
  • Only in the case of complaints regarding the correct prepa­ration of the Key Infor­mation Document (KID) for insurance investment products, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or if there is no response in accor­dance with the law, you may contact CONSOB - consob@​pec.​consob.​it, Via GB Martini, 3 - 00198 Roma, (www​.consob​.it). Attach to the complaint the documen­tation on the complaint handled by the Company and its feedback.
    Infor­mation on shipping can be found on the website www​.consob​.it.

Possi­bility to appeal to the judicial author­ities

With regard to disputes relating to the amount of damages and the allocation of respon­si­bility, the judicial authority has exclusive juris­diction. In addition, you have the right to have recourse to alter­native dispute resolution systems provided by the regulatory or conven­tional level.

Alter­native dispute resolution systems:

    • Negoti­a­tions with legal counsel (pursuant to Law No. 162 of 10 November 2014)

The procedure can be initiated by requesting your lawyer to the company. Negoti­a­tions with legal counsel aim to reach an agreement ("negotiated settlement") in which the parties agree to work together to resolve the dispute amicably, assisted by their lawyers.
The request for negoti­a­tions with legal counsel can be addressed to:
- PrismaLife AG, Indus­tri­ering 40, 9491 Ruggell, Liecht­en­stein
- PEC: prismalife@​pec.​it

    • Compulsory mediation procedure (according to Decree-Law of 4 March 2010, No. 28)

The aim of the procedure is to attempt concil­i­ation between the parties through the inter­vention of an impartial person ("mediator"). The complainant may appeal to a mediation body regis­tered in the list of the Ministry of Justice instead of the judge locally competent for the dispute. The mediation procedure is a condition of admis­si­bility for insurance disputes.
Requests for arbitration can be made in writing to the company at:
- PrismaLife AG, Indus­tri­ering 40, 9491 Ruggell, Liecht­en­stein
- PEC: prismalife@​pec.​it

    • FIN-NET procedure

To resolve cross-border disputes, it is possible to file a complaint with IVASS or directly with the competent foreign body and request the activation of the FIN-NET procedure. Further infor­mation on the FIN-NET procedure and the competent body in Liecht­en­stein can be found at the following link: FIN-NET